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  • Sarah Olsen·

    Dennis has been doing our repairs and scheduled maintence for our computers for many years. We now live out of California and we are still maintaining the service in a different time zone. Awesome Job "Doc"!

  • Patricia A Adams·

    "Doc" is an invaluable part of my family!!! He has managed to teach me all that i know about a computer. And he makes me very comfortable to call him at any time to solve any problem that arises that i can't figure out! I highly recommend this man professionally and personally.
    Sincerely, Patricia "tricia" Adams

  • Danny Green·

    Dennis is always there and takes care of any problems that I might have. Iam not a Tech person so it’s great to have MCD always ready to bail me out… also … very thankful for Dennis’s health!

  • Danny Green·

    Great service, always there to help me when I need help. Good job Dennis!

  • Karen Myers·

    Always does a great job. I've use My Computer Doc of SD for several years and I never have any issues with my computer. I don't like dealing with technical stuff, so having someone knowledgeable do it for me is perfect.

  • Carol O'Neill·

    Dennis has been working on our computers for several years now. He is the best, always willing to help and answer any questions!

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